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Launched in April 2012, PNPI serves as the leading source of professional development for Congressional staff working on higher education issues. Drawing on the expertise of higher education researchers, policy experts, innovators, and administrators, PNPI’s professional development briefings and seminars provide participants with an opportunity to consider a full range of higher education topics, while engaging in constructive dialogue with postsecondary leaders, researchers, and their colleagues.  

The only professional development provider in Washington dedicated exclusively to higher education, PNPI was founded on the belief that individuals can and will produce more effective postsecondary education policy when provided opportunities to deepen their knowledge base in a cooperative, collegial environment.  PNPI’s goal is to increase policymakers' knowledge and capacity to devise and implement workable, sustainable, and affordable higher education solutions for the years to come. 


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MaryEllen McGuire
Executive Director, Postsecondary National Policy Institute

MaryEllen McGuire is the executive director of New America's Postsecondary...

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Senior Program Associate, Postsecondary National Policy Institute

Betsy Prueter works in New America's Postsecondary National Policy Institute...